Interior architecture


The majority of the furniture intended for the projects is conceived by the design department itself.

From rooms conducive to hospitality to those reserved for intimacy, the settees, club chairs, occasional tables, bookshelves, service tables, etc., are designed to blend in as well as possible and reinforce the objectives developed in the layouts.


On a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the type of project, we determine the type of study and the most appropriate documents, in order to enable optimal visualisation of the solutions proposed.

Schematics, sketches, freehand perspectives and choices of examples make it possible, at the very first meetings, to focus on quickly produced and scalable working documents to define the main options.

Samples of materials, supplies and atmospheres presented in the form of mood boards are essential supplements to graphic documents and serve to enhance the definition of the spaces, atmospheres and trends developed in the project.


Whether completely re-organising a living space, rearranging premises, adding an extension or the entire design of a place that represents a blank canvass, we do the utmost to ensure that the occupiers can relate to their new environment.

Plans, cross-sections and scale elevation drawings are illustrated by 3D views, both traditionally drawn in water colour for conventional projects and more contemporarily produced in computer generated images for modern projects.

Artistic collaboration

Johan Baudart

Denis De Mot

Mireille Roobaert

Art lover, Laurent Zanusso opens up his premises and exhibits artistic works such as the Corten steel sculptures by Johan Baudart which, alongside those made of wood by Gérald Dederen, occupy pride of place in the gardens surrounding the offices, or also canvases by Thierry Goffart, compositions by Paul Szternfeld, paintings by Olivier Waedemon and Florimont Dufoor, photos by Mireille Roobaert as well as the unique furniture and ornaments in precious wood crafted by cabinet-maker Denis Bruyère.

Thierry Goffart

Denis Bruyère

Paul Szternfeld

Gerald Dederen

Olivier Waedemon